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Supported Formats

Below is a list of the formats BZR Player can play. Most formats have a description and also a sample file to download. Note that some formats may not be played back 100% accurately. If you can provide interesting information about a file format or have an example file that is currently missing from the table, please send a email. Click a column to sort the table and hold shift while clicking to sort multiple columns.

Name Extensions Platform Library Sample File Information Screenshot
"RedSpark" RSDRSDVgmstreamDownload icon

"The golden CompassVgmstream
.ADS with SShd headerADS,SS2VgmstreamDownload icon
.baf (Blur)Vgmstream
.gcm with IDSP headerGCMVgmstreamDownload icon
.lsf n1nj4n Fastlane Street RacingiOSVgmstream
.mwv RIFF w/ loop data in ctrl chunk pfltVgmstream
.sadVgmstreamDownload icon
.str with SNDS blocks and SHDR headerVgmstream
.wav + .pos for loopingVgmstream
.wsiVgmstreamDownload icon
7 Wonders of the ancient worldVgmstream
AACaacFAAD2Download icon
AC1D packerAmigalibxmpDownload icon

ActionAmicsUADEDownload icon
Activision EXAKT .SC (PS2)SCPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Activision Pro (MartinWalker)UADEDownload icon
Adlib Tracker 1.0SNGAdplugDownload icon

AdLib Tracker 2A2MAdplugDownload icon
AdLib Visual ComposerROLAdplugDownload icon
ADP! (Balls of Steel)adpWindowsVgmstreamDownload icon
Advanced Streaming formatASFFMODDownload icon

ADX "type03"ADXVgmstreamDownload icon
ADX "type04"ADXVgmstreamDownload icon
ADX "type05"Vgmstream
AFCAFCVgmstreamDownload icon
Ah! My GoddessVgmstream
AHXahxAmigaHivelyTrackerDownload icon

Air Force Delta StormrwxXBOXVgmstreamDownload icon
Alcatraz_PackerUADEDownload icon
Aley's ModuleSam CoupelibxmpDownload icon
almost headerless PCMVgmstream
AM-ComposerUADEDownload icon
Amiga IFF/8SVXIFF, 8SVXAmigaAudio File LibraryDownload icon

AMOS Music BankabkAmigalibxmpDownload icon
AMUSIC Adlib TrackerAMDPCAdplugDownload icon

Animaniacs [NGC]dspGCVgmstreamDownload icon
Ape Escape 2Vgmstream
Apogee IMF FileIMFPCAdplugDownload icon

Archimedes TrackerAcornlibxmpDownload icon
Art And MagicUADEDownload icon
ArtOfNoise-4VUADEDownload icon
ArtOfNoise-8VUADEDownload icon
ASC Sound Master v0.xxas0ZXTuneDownload icon
ASC Sound Master v1.xx-2.xxZXTuneDownload icon
Asphalt Urban GT 1 & 2swavDSVgmstreamDownload icon
ASTASTVgmstreamDownload icon
Asylum / DSMIAMFDOSlibxmpDownload icon

Atari Digi-MixMIXAtari STST-SoundDownload icon

Atari STYMAtari STZXTuneDownload icon

Atari systems using POKEY sound chipSAPASAPDownload icon

Atari YM2149SNDH, SNDsc68Download icon
Atlus' mutant shortened RSTMVgmstreamDownload icon
Audio Interchange File FormatAIFF, AIF, SNDFMODDownload icon

Audio Interchange File FormatVgmstream
Audio Interchange File Format AIFF-CVgmstream
Audio Sculptureadsc,asAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Audio Visual Research File FormatAVRAudio File Library

Autobahn Raser - Police MadnessPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Bakugan Battle Brawlers (PS3)pastPS3VgmstreamDownload icon
Baldur's Gate - Dark AllianceVgmstream
BeathovenSynthesizerUADEDownload icon
Beatmania thingVgmstream
beatmaniaIIDX16 - EMPRESS (Arcade)ArcadeVgmstream
Ben DaglishbdAmigaFLODDownload icon
Ben Daglish SIDUADEDownload icon
Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound FormatBICSF, SFAudio File LibraryDownload icon

Beyond Good & EvilWAMVgmstreamDownload icon
Big Air Freestyle, Terminator 3GCVgmstreamDownload icon
Bio Hazard 2Vgmstream
BladePackerUADEDownload icon
Blood Omen 2 (NGC)bo2GCVgmstreamDownload icon
Bob's AdLib MusicBAMAdplugDownload icon
Boku no Natsuyasumi 3PS3Vgmstream
Bomberman Jetters .dspDSPGCVgmstreamDownload icon
BoomTracker 4.0CFFAdplugDownload icon

Bubble SymphonySaturnVgmstream
Cabelas gamesVgmstream
Capcom DSP HeaderVgmstream
Capcom Q-Sound Formatqsf, miniqsfArcadeAudio OverloadDownload icon
CD-XA with RIFF headerXAVgmstreamDownload icon
Channel PlayersUADEDownload icon
Chaos Music ComposerCMCAtariASAPDownload icon
Chaos Music Composer "3/4"CM3AtariASAPDownload icon
Chaos Music Composer "Rzog"CMRAtariASAPDownload icon

Chip TrackermodAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Chronicles of Narnia etc.IDSPVgmstreamDownload icon
CinemawareUADEDownload icon
Commodore 64SID, PSIDCommodore 64LibsidDownload icon
Compiled Spectrum Sound Tracker 1st13,stcZXTuneDownload icon
Composer/Unis 669669PClibxmpDownload icon

Compressed AIFFAIFCAudio File Library

Compressed Video Game Music FileVGZGame Music EmuDownload icon

Conan .str filesVgmstream
Conflict - Desert Storm 1 & 2Vgmstream
Contents of RWARVgmstreamDownload icon
CoreDesignUADEDownload icon
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2iOSVgmstream
Creative Music FileCMFAdplugDownload icon

CRI AAXVgmstreamDownload icon
CRI ADPCM_WII, like AAX with DSPVgmstream
CRI AIXVgmstream
Crypt KillerVgmstream
CustomMadeUADEDownload icon
D.O.C. Soundtracker 2.0MODAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Dance Dance RevolutionKCES,VIGVgmstreamDownload icon
DariusZendehUADEDownload icon
Dave LoweUADEDownload icon
Dave Lowe NewUADEDownload icon
David HanneyUADEDownload icon
David WhittakerdwAmigaFLODDownload icon
Dawn of Mana - Seiken Densetsu 4PSHPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Def Jam RapstarVgmstream
DeFy AdLib TrackerDTMPCAdplugDownload icon

Delta MusicdmAmigaFLODDownload icon
Delta Music 2dm2AmigaFLODDownload icon

Delta Music ComposerDLTAtariASAPDownload icon
DesireUADEDownload icon
Desktop TrackerAcornlibxmpDownload icon
Digi BoosterdigiAmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
DigiBooster ProDBMAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Digisound Interface Kit (RIFF)DSMLibmodplugDownload icon
Digital IllusionsAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Digital MugiciandmuAmigaFLODDownload icon

Digital Mugician 2mugAmigaFLODDownload icon

Digital Music MakerdmmZXTuneDownload icon
Digital Sonix And ChromeUADEDownload icon
Digital Studio for AY and CovoxdstZXTuneDownload icon
Digital SymphonyAcornlibxmpDownload icon
Digital TrackerdtmAtarilibxmpDownload icon
Digital-FMDFMPCAdplugDownload icon

DigitalSoundStudioUADEDownload icon
DigiTrakker 1.xMDLPClibxmpDownload icon

Dino Crisis 3Vgmstream
Dirk BialluchUADEDownload icon
DiRT 2 (WII)VgmstreamDownload icon
Disney's Stitch - Experiment 626PS2Vgmstream
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)rasWIIVgmstreamDownload icon
Donkey Kong Jet RaceVgmstreamDownload icon
DoublePlay Chaos Music ComposerDMCAtariASAPDownload icon

Downloadable SoundsDLSFMOD
Dragon Booster ZSDVgmstream
Dragon Quest 5Vgmstream
Dreamcast Sound Formatdsf, minidsfDCAudio OverloadDownload icon
Driver - Parallel Lines (PS2)XA30PS2VgmstreamDownload icon
DVI InterleavedVgmstream
Dynamic SynthesizerUADEDownload icon
EA IMAVgmstream
EA PCMVgmstream
EA with PSX ADPCMVgmstream
EA XA ADPCMVgmstream
EA XA Release 2EAMVgmstreamDownload icon
EA XA Release 3SNGVgmstreamDownload icon
EACS PCVgmstream
EACS PSXVgmstream
EarAcheUADEDownload icon
EdLib by VibrantsD00AdplugDownload icon
Eidos Music File Format for NGC/WIIemffVgmstreamDownload icon
Eidos Music File Format for PS2emffPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Eldorado GateVgmstream
EMS (Editeur Musical Sequentiel)UADEDownload icon
EnthusiaENTHPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Ephemeral Fantasia, Lunar - Eternal BlueVgmstream
Epic Megagames MASIPSMPClibxmpDownload icon

EragonSEGVgmstreamDownload icon
Eternal Sonata (PS3)cpsPS3VgmstreamDownload icon
Eureka PackerAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Evil Twin - Cypriens Chronicles (DC)DCVgmstream
Excite TruckssngVgmstreamDownload icon
Excitebots .sf0WiiVgmstream
Excitebots .sfxWiiVgmstream
eXotic ADlib FormatXADAdplugDownload icon
eXtra Simple MusicXSMAdplugDownload icon
Falcom (Gurumin) .de2Vgmstream
Farandole ComposerFARPClibxmpDownload icon

Farbrausch V2Mv2mWindowsLibV2Download icon
Fashion TrackerUADEDownload icon
Fast Trackerft, ftt, modDOSlibxmpDownload icon Yes
FastTracker 2XMDOSlibxmpDownload icon

Faust Music CreatorSNGPCAdplugDownload icon

FC-M PackerAmigalibxmpDownload icon
FFXI BGWVgmstream
FFXI SPWVgmstream
Final Fantasy Tactics A2Vgmstream
Final Fantasy: Crystal ChroniclesVgmstream
FlexTraxflxAtarilibxmpDownload icon

FMOD Sample Bank, version 1FSBVgmstreamDownload icon
FMOD Sample Bank, version 3.0FSBVgmstream
FMOD Sample Bank, version 3.1FSBVgmstreamDownload icon
FMOD Sample Bank, version 4FSBVgmstreamDownload icon
FMOD Sample Bank, version 4 with "WAV" HeaderVgmstreamDownload icon
Folklore (PS3)PS3Vgmstream
Fred EditorfredAmigaFLODDownload icon

FredGrayUADEDownload icon
Free Lossless Audio Codec FLACFMODDownload icon

Freedom Fighters [NGC]GCVgmstream
FunktrackerfnkDOSlibxmpDownload icon
Future Composer 1.3FC, SMODAmigaFCPlayDownload icon

Future Composer 1.4FCAmigaFCPlayDownload icon
Future Cop L.A.P.D.Vgmstream
FutureComposer-BSIUADEDownload icon
FuturePlayerUADEDownload icon
Fuzzac PackerAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Galaxy Music Systemj2blibxmpDownload icon
Game Music Creatorgmc,modAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Gamecube Interleave DSPVgmstream
Gauntlet Dark Legends (GC)adsGCVgmstreamDownload icon
GCMVgmstreamDownload icon
GCSW (PCM)Vgmstream
General DigiMusicgdmlibxmpDownload icon
Generic headerGENHVgmstreamDownload icon
Geometry Wars - GalaxiesVgmstreamDownload icon
Ghostbusters PC .smpVgmstream
Global TrackerZXTuneDownload icon
GlueMonUADEDownload icon
GMS File (used in PS1 & PS2)Vgmstream
Golden Gashbell Full PowerSSMVgmstreamDownload icon
GoldenEye 007 (Wii)WIIVgmstream
GPMOAmigaProwizardDownload icon
Graoumf TrackergtkAtarilibxmpDownload icon Yes
GSP/GSBGSP,GSBVgmstreamDownload icon

Guilty Gear XVgmstream
Guitar Hero Encore - Rocks the 80sVGSVgmstreamDownload icon
Guitar Hero III Mobile .barVgmstream
Gunvari MCG Files (was name .GCM on disk)Vgmstream
HAL Labs HALPSTHPSVgmstreamDownload icon
Half Life 2 (XBOX)XBOXVgmstreamDownload icon
Heatseeker mc1.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon

HippelhipAmigaFLODDownload icon
Hippel COSOhipcAmigaFLODDownload icon
His Master's NoisemodAmigalibxmpDownload icon
HivelyTrackerhvlWindowsHivelyTrackerDownload icon Yes
House of The Dead Overkill STR+STHVgmstreamDownload icon

HowieDaviesUADEDownload icon
HSC Adlib Composer/HSC-TrackerHSCPCAdplugDownload icon

Hyperscan KVAG/BVGVgmstream
Ibara, MushihimesamaVgmstream
Ice TrackermodAmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
Iigs SoundSmithApple IIGSlibxmpDownload icon
ILD FileILDVgmstreamDownload icon
Images Sound SystemimsAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Imago OrpheusDOSlibxmpDownload icon
Impulse TrackerITDOSlibxmpDownload icon

Incredibles PC .sndssndsWindowsVgmstreamDownload icon
Infogrames (a.k.a Rob Hubbard 2)dum, insAmigaFLODDownload icon
InStereoUADEDownload icon
InStereo! 2.0UADEDownload icon
Interleaved VAG files (PS3)PS3Vgmstream
InterPlay ACM headerVgmstream
iPhone .cafVgmstream
Jackie Chan - Stuntmaster (PSX FAG)VgmstreamDownload icon
JamCrackerUADEDownload icon
JankoMrsicFlogelUADEDownload icon
JanneSalmijarviOptimizerAmigaUADEDownload icon
Jason BrookejbAmigaFLODDownload icon
JasonPageUADEDownload icon
Jeroen TelUADEDownload icon
JesperOlsenUADEDownload icon
JochenHippel-7VUADEDownload icon
Johannes Bjerregård ModuleJBMAdplugDownload icon
Juuni Kokuki: Kakukaku Taru Ou Michi Beni Midori no UkaVgmstream
Kefrens Sound MachineAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Ken Silverman's MusicKSMAdplugDownload icon
Ken's Digital MusickdmDOSKen's Digital MusicDownload icon Yes
Kenka Bancho 2: Full ThrottlePS2Vgmstream
King of Fighters (XBOX)xwbXBOXVgmstreamDownload icon
Kingdom Hearts 2 VAG streamsPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
KlystrackKSKlystrackDownload icon

Knights of the Temple 2Vgmstream
KOEI MIC FilemicVgmstreamDownload icon
Konami SVAGsvagVgmstreamDownload icon
KrisHatlelidUADEDownload icon
L@ve OncebnkPS3VgmstreamDownload icon
Langrisser 3 IVBIVBPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen 2rkvVgmstreamDownload icon
Legaia 2LEGVgmstreamDownload icon
LegglessMusicEditorUADEDownload icon
LEGO Racers (PC)WindowsVgmstream
Lethal Skies Elite Pilot: Team SWVgmstream
Lionheart_GameUADEDownload icon
LiquidtrackerliqDOSlibxmpDownload icon Yes
LOUDNESS Sound SystemLDSAdplugDownload icon
LowriderhsfPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
LucasArts AdLib Audio File FormatLAAAdplugDownload icon
MadTracker 2.0MT2LibmodplugDownload icon

Magnetic Fields Packermfp, smpAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Mahoromatic: Moetto - KiraKira Maid-San (PS2)pfsPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
MajorTomUADEDownload icon
ManiacsOfNoiseUADEDownload icon
Mario Party 6pdtGCVgmstreamDownload icon
Mario Strikers ChargedVgmstream
MarkIIUADEDownload icon
Mark_CookseyUADEDownload icon
Mark_Cooksey_OldUADEDownload icon
MCMDUADEDownload icon
MedleyUADEDownload icon
MegatrackermgtAtarilibxmpDownload icon
Men in Black .vsVSVgmstreamDownload icon
Merged MIH+MIBMIHBVgmstreamDownload icon
Metal Arms WVS HeaderWVSGCVgmstreamDownload icon
Metal Gear 3 MTAFmtafVgmstreamDownload icon
Metal Gear Solid 3 VAG1vagVgmstreamDownload icon
Metal Gear Solid 3 VAG2vagVgmstreamDownload icon
Metal Slug AnthologyVgmstreamDownload icon
Metroid Prime 2 "RS03"DSPVgmstreamDownload icon
Metroid Prime 2 titleagscGCVgmstreamDownload icon
Micro Machines, Superman Superman: Shadow of ApokolisVgmstream
MIDI-LoricielUADEDownload icon
Midnight Club3 RSTMVgmstreamDownload icon
MikeDaviesUADEDownload icon
Mini Ninjas (PC/PS3/WII)Windows/PS3/WiiVgmstream
Miss MoonlighVgmstream
MKJamzMKJAdplugDownload icon
Mlat Adlib TrackerMADAdplugDownload icon Yes
MMDCUADEDownload icon
mo3mo3libxmpDownload icon
Module ProtectorAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Monopoly Party single header stereoMPDSPVgmstreamDownload icon
MPEG I/II Layer 2MP2FMODDownload icon

MPEG I/II Layer 3MP3FMODDownload icon

MPU-401 TrakkerMTKAdplugDownload icon
MSF headerVgmstream
MSSMSSVgmstreamDownload icon
MSX Home Computer, other Z80 systemsKSSGame Music EmuDownload icon
MultiTrackerMTMPClibxmpDownload icon

MUS playlist of InterPlay ACM filesVgmstream
Musashi: Samurai LegendvsfPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Mushroom Men - The Spore WarsVgmstream
Music ProTrackerMPTAtariASAPDownload icon

Music ProTracker DoublePlayMPDAtariASAP

Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceMIDFMODDownload icon

MusicAssemblerUADEDownload icon
MusiclineEditorUADEDownload icon
Namco CAF Audio FileCFNVgmstreamDownload icon
Namco Production Sound FileNPSFVgmstreamDownload icon
NAOMI/NAOMI2 Arcade gamesVgmstream
NEC TurboGrafx-16, PC EngineHESGame Music EmuDownload icon

NES Sound FormatNSFNintendo NESGame Music EmuDownload icon

NES Sound Format ExtendedNSFENintendo NESGame Music EmuDownload icon

Newtron Packer 1.0ProwizardDownload icon
Newtron Packer 2.0AmigaProwizardDownload icon
NeXT .sndSNDAudio File Library
NGC DTK/ADP, no header (.adp)ADPVgmstreamDownload icon
Nightcaster II - Equinox (XBOX)dmsgXBOXVgmstreamDownload icon
Nintendo BNS headerBNSVgmstreamDownload icon
Nintendo Game BoyGBSNintendo Game BoyGame Music EmuDownload icon

NIST SPHERE File FormatNIST, SDAudio File LibraryDownload icon
No More Heroes: Heroes ParadisevawxPS3VgmstreamDownload icon
NoisePacker 1.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon
NoisePacker 2.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon

NoisePacker 3.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon

NoiseTrackerMODAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Novotrade PackerntplibxmpDownload icon
NTSP-systemUADEDownload icon
NWA w/ Gameexe.ini for loopingVgmstream
NWA w/ NWAINFO.INI for loopingVgmstream
OctalyseroctAtarilibxmpDownload icon
OctaMED MMD0med,mmd0AmigalibxmpDownload icon
OctaMED MMD1med,mmd1AmigalibxmpDownload icon

OctaMED MMD2med,mmd2AmigalibxmpDownload icon
OctaMED MMD3med,mmd3AmigalibxmpDownload icon
Ogg VorbisOGG, OGAFMODDownload icon

OktalyzerOKT,OKTAAmigalibxmpDownload icon

OptimFROGofrOptimFROGDownload icon

OrganyaorgOrganyaDownload icon

Origin AdLib Music Format/Ultima 6MAdplugDownload icon
Otomedius (Arcade)Vgmstream
Pacman STR+STH filesSTH,STRVgmstreamDownload icon

Paper Mario 2 STMDSPVgmstreamDownload icon
Paul RobothamUADEDownload icon
PaulShieldsUADEDownload icon
PaulSummersUADEDownload icon
PeterVerswyvelenUADEDownload icon
PHA PackerAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Phantom Brave (WII)VgmstreamDownload icon
Policenauts (3DO)pona3DOVgmstreamDownload icon
Policenauts (PSX)ponaPSXVgmstreamDownload icon
PollytrackermodC-64libxmpDownload icon
Poly TrackerPTMDOSlibxmpDownload icon Yes
Pop'n'Music 7 Audio FileVgmstream
Pop'n'Music 9 Audio FileVgmstream
Popcap HitsmsvpVgmstreamDownload icon
Princess Soft PS2 gamesPS2Vgmstream
Pro Baseball Spirits 5VASPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Pro Sound CreatorZXTuneDownload icon
Pro Sound MakerZXTuneDownload icon
Prodigi TrackermZXTuneDownload icon
ProfessionalSoundArtistsUADEDownload icon
Promizer 0.1AmigaProwizardDownload icon
Promizer 1.0CAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Promizer 1.8AAmigalibxmpDownload icon

Promizer 2.0AmigaProwizardDownload icon
Promizer 4.0AmigaProwizardDownload icon
ProPacker 1.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon
ProPacker 2.1AmigalibxmpDownload icon

ProPacker 3.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon

ProRunner 1.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon

ProRunner 2.0AmigalibxmpDownload icon

Prototype P3DVgmstream
ProtrackerMODAmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
Protracker 3.6 IFFpt36AmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
PS2 Int file with HeaderomuPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
PS2 MIBMIBVgmstreamDownload icon
PS2 MIB File + MIH HeaderMIB,MIHVgmstreamDownload icon

PS2 RAW Interleaved FormatINTVgmstreamDownload icon
PS2 STRLRVgmstream
PsychoNauts Bgm FileVgmstream
Psyvariar -Complete Edition-Vgmstream
PT2 modulePT2ZX SpectrumZSSK
PT3/VortexII modulePT3ZX SpectrumZSSKDownload icon
PumaTrackerUADEDownload icon
Quadra ComposeremodAmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
Quartet PSGUADEDownload icon
Quartet_STUADEDownload icon
RAR archive with SPC songsRSNSuper NintendoGame Music EmuDownload icon
Raster Music TrackerRMTAtariASAPDownload icon
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty (PS3)xvagPS3VgmstreamDownload icon
Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave)(GC)lpsGCVgmstreamDownload icon
RAW Danger (Zettaizetsumei Toshi 2 - Itetsuita Kiokutachi) [PS2]PS2Vgmstream
RAW PCM fileVgmstream
raw Siren 14, 24kbit monoVgmstream
raw Siren 14, 48kbit stereoVgmstream
Rayman Origins Ubisoft CKD RIFF headerVgmstream
Rayman Raving RabbidsVgmstreamDownload icon
RC Revenge ProXA2VgmstreamDownload icon
RdosPlay RAW fileRAWAdplugDownload icon
Real TrackerrtmDOSlibxmpDownload icon Yes
Reality ADlib TrackerRADAdplugDownload icon Yes
Resident Evil - DeadAimFILPPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Retro Studios RSF, no header (.rsf)RSFVgmstreamDownload icon
Richard Josephsng, insAmigaFLODDownload icon
Ridge Racer DSrrdsVgmstreamDownload icon
RIFF w/ loop data in smpl chunkVgmstream
RIFF w/ loop Markers in LIST-adtl-lablVgmstream
RIFF, for WAVsVgmstream
RiffRaffUADEDownload icon
RIFX w/ loop data in smpl chunkVgmstream
RIFX, for big-endian WAVsVgmstream
Rob HubbardrhAmigaFLODDownload icon
RobHubbardOldUADEDownload icon
RSD2VAGRSDVgmstreamDownload icon
RSD3GADPRSDVgmstreamDownload icon
RSD3PCMBRSDVgmstreamDownload icon
RSD6WADPVgmstreamDownload icon
RSTM (similar to STRM)BRSTMVgmstreamDownload icon
RSTM with 44->22khz hackVgmstreamDownload icon
Rune: Viking WarlordPS2Vgmstream
S98s98KB Media PlayerDownload icon
Sam Coupe E-TrackerZXTuneDownload icon
Sample TrackerstrZXTuneDownload icon
SampleVisionSMPAudio File LibraryDownload icon
Saturn Sound Formatssf, minissfSaturnAudio OverloadDownload icon
SBStudio PACpacDOSlibpacDownload icon
SC68 (Atari/Amiga)SC68sc68Download icon
Scorpion King (NGC)GCVgmstreamDownload icon

Screamtracker 3AS3MAdplugDownload icon

ScreamTracker 3S3MPClibxmpDownload icon

ScreamTracker IISTMDOSlibxmpDownload icon

SCUMMUADEDownload icon
SeanConnollyUADEDownload icon
SeanConranUADEDownload icon
Sega Genesis, Mega DriveGYMGame Music EmuDownload icon

Sega Soccer SlamGCUBVgmstreamDownload icon
SEGA Stream Asset BuilderSTRVgmstreamDownload icon
Sengoku Basara 3 [WII]WIIVgmstream
SG Digital TrackersqdZXTuneDownload icon
Shadow of Colossus EXSTSTSVgmstreamDownload icon
ShellShock Nam '67mssPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Shikigami No Shiro 3 STS Audio FileVgmstreamDownload icon
Shooting Love. ~TRIZEAL~Vgmstream
Shuffle!wpdWindowsVgmstreamDownload icon
Sidmon 1sidAmigaFLODDownload icon

Sidmon IIsid2AmigaFLODDownload icon

Sierra's AdLib Audio File FormatSCIAdplugDownload icon
SilmarilsUADEDownload icon
Sim City 3000 (PC)PCVgmstream
single-stream RWARVgmstreamDownload icon
single-stream RWSDVgmstreamDownload icon
Skyt PackerAmigalibxmpDownload icon
SNGPlaySNG,INSAdplugDownload icon
Some KOEI game (PS2)PS2Vgmstream
some Might & Magics SSND headerVgmstream
SonicArrangerUADEDownload icon
SonicArranger-pc-allUADEDownload icon
SonixMusicDriverUADEDownload icon
Sony Arc The Lad Sound FilerxwPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Soul CaliburVgmstreamDownload icon
SoundControlUADEDownload icon
SoundFactoryUADEDownload icon
SoundFX 1.0/1.8/1.9sfxAmigaFLODDownload icon

SoundFX 2.0sfx2AmigaFLODDownload icon

SoundImagesUADEDownload icon
SoundMasterUADEDownload icon
Soundmon 1bpAmigaFLODDownload icon
Soundmon 2bpAmigaFLODDownload icon
Soundmon 3bp3AmigaFLODDownload icon
SoundPlayerUADEDownload icon
SoundProgrammingLanguageUADEDownload icon
Soundtracker 2.6MOD, ST26AmigalibxmpDownload icon

Soundtracker IXmodAmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
Special-FXUADEDownload icon
Special-FX_STUADEDownload icon
Spectral Force ChronicleVgmstream
Spectrum Chip TrackerchiZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum Fast TrackerZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum Pro Tracker 1ZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum Pro Tracker 2ZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum Pro Tracker 3ZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum PSGpsgZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum Sound Tracker 1st1ZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum Sound Tracker 3st3ZXTuneDownload icon
Spectrum Sound Tracker Pro 1stpZXTuneDownload icon
SpeedyA1SystemUADEDownload icon
SpeedySystemUADEDownload icon
Sphinx and the cursed MummyMUSXVgmstreamDownload icon
Spider-Man3,TonyHawk's Downhill Jam, possibly more...Vgmstream
SpongeBob Squarepants (NGC), Taz Wanted (NGC), Cubix (NGC), Tak (WII)STHVgmstreamDownload icon
SPT/SPDSPT/SPDVgmstreamDownload icon

Spyro Games, possibly moreMUSXVgmstreamDownload icon
SQ TrackerZXTuneDownload icon
Square SVSVgmstream
Square-Enix SCDVgmstream
SSB:M "HALPST"Vgmstream
Standard GC ADPCM (DSP) headerVgmstreamDownload icon
Star Fox Assault "Cstr"DSPVgmstreamDownload icon
StarTrekkerMODAmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
StarTrekker PackAmigalibxmpDownload icon
Stereo Double Chaos Music ComposerCMSAtariASAPDownload icon
SteveBarrettUADEDownload icon
SteveTurner (Jason Page Old)UADEDownload icon
Sun .auAUAudio File LibraryDownload icon

SUN-TronicUADEDownload icon
Super Nintendo, Super FamicomSPCSuper NintendoGame Music EmuDownload icon

Surprise! AdLib TrackerSATAdplugDownload icon
Surprise! Adlib Tracker 2SA2PCAdplugDownload icon

Synth (Synthesis)UADEDownload icon
SynTrackerUADEDownload icon
TakeTrackerMODDOSlibxmpDownload icon

Tantei Jinguji Saburo - Kind of Blue (PS2)JSTMPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
TCB Trackertcb, modAtarilibxmpDownload icon Yes
Tekken (NamCollection)Vgmstream
Tekken 5 Stream Filestk5PS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Test Drive Unlimitedsl3VgmstreamDownload icon
TFM Music Maker 0.1-1.2tf0ZXTuneDownload icon
TFM Music Maker 1.3+tfeZXTuneDownload icon
TFMXmdat, smplAmigaUADEDownload icon Yes
TFMX-7VUADEDownload icon
TFMX-ProUADEDownload icon
TFMX_STmdstUADEDownload icon
The Player 4.0BAmigalibxmpDownload icon
The Player 4.1AAmigalibxmpDownload icon

The Player 5.0AAmigalibxmpDownload icon

The Player 6.0AAmigalibxmpDownload icon

The Player 6.1AAmigalibxmpDownload icon

The Warriorswhed, wmusPS2VgmstreamDownload icon

TheMusicalEnlightenmentUADEDownload icon
Theta Music Composer 1.x 4-channelTMCAtariASAPDownload icon

Theta Music Composer 1.x 8-channelTM8AtariASAPDownload icon

Theta Music Composer 2.xTM2AtariASAPDownload icon
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THPDSPVgmstreamDownload icon
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Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the UniverseVSFPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
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Tokobot Plus - Myteries of the KarakuriDXHPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2cccPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
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TurboSound module for AY EmulatortsZXTuneDownload icon
Turok: Evolution (NGC), Vexx (NGC)dspGCVgmstreamDownload icon
Twin TrackPlayerDMOAdplugDownload icon
Ty - The Tasmanian TigerVgmstream
Ueki no Housoku - Taosu ze Robert Juudan!! (PS2)iabPS2VgmstreamDownload icon
Ultimate SoundtrackerMODAmigalibxmpDownload icon Yes
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UNIC TrackerAmigalibxmpDownload icon

UNIC Tracker 2AmigalibxmpDownload icon

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VAG from Nub archivesVgmstream
VAG Stereo from Kingdom HeartsVgmstream
VAGi Interleaved FileVgmstream
VAGm Mono FileVgmstream
VAGp Mono FilevagVgmstreamDownload icon
VAGp with Little Endian HeaderVgmstream
Variant of SEGA Stream Asset BuilderVgmstream
Various (2 dsp files stuck togetherVgmstream
Various Capcom GamesAUSVgmstreamDownload icon
Various Konami GamesRWSVgmstreamDownload icon
Velvet Studio AMS 1.x/Extreme's TrackerAMSLibmodplugDownload icon
Vertigo (Wii)WiiVgmstreamDownload icon
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Visual Art's NWAVgmstream
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Waveform Audio File FormatWAVFMODDownload icon

Westwood ADLADLAdplugDownload icon
Westwood Studios .audVgmstream
Westwood Studios .aud, old styleVgmstream
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Wonderswan WSRwsrWonderswanwsrDownload icon
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WWE WrestleMania X8YMFVgmstreamDownload icon
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XBOX MATXVgmstream
XBOX RIFF/WAVE FileVgmstream
XBOX SEGVgmstream
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XBOX VASVgmstream
XBOX WAVM FileVgmstream
XBOX WVSVgmstream
XBOX XMUVgmstream
XG3 Extreme-G RacingVgmstream
XIII, possibly more (Ubisoft header???)Vgmstream
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XNBm, which has a RIFF fmt chunkVgmstream
XTracker Digital MusicDMFDOSlibxmpDownload icon Yes
YM-2149ymstUADEDownload icon
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