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1.06 2019-Apr-08

New features:
  • Plays Farbrausch V2M files
  • Plays Wonderswan (.wsr) files
  • Settings window now works fine with a 125% DPI setting in Windows
Bug fixes:
  • Close-button on most windows disappeared when pressed

1.05 2018-Apr-18

New features:
  • Plays the following Amiga formats using UADE:
    • Anders Øland
    • Ashley Hogg
    • Andrew Parton
    • Janne Salmijarvi Optimizer
    • Kim Christensen
    • Nick Pelling Packer
    • Mosh Packer
    • MusicMaker-8V
    • Paul Tonge
    • TimeTracker
    • ZoundMonitor
  • Now plays vgm/vgz with arcade music and a bunch of other consoles using VGMPlay
  • Klystrack:
    • Can play latest Klystrack format (2018-01-01)
    • Can open files with utf-8 in the filename
    • Songlength
  • Drag'n'drop files to a specific position in the playlist
  • Always on top added as an option
Bug fixes:
  • Pattern view wasn't working for Startrekker mods
  • Upgraded to libxmp 4.4.1 which fixes a lots of playback bugs, mainly (mod/it/xm) and adds support for
    • TrackerPacker v1
    • TrackerPacker v2
    • ProPacker 1.0
  • Upgraded to latest libsidplayfp (r2530)
  • Upgraded to ZXTtune Build 4110
  • Upgraded C-64 songlength database to the one from HSVC 68
  • Upgraded to Qt 5.7
  • Removed OptimFROG due to various problems

1.04 2015-Aug-01

New features:
  • Option to add filename extensions to ignore when adding files
  • Filter settings can be made for UADE
  • Find window's visibility is now saved in settings
Bug fixes:
  • onEscapee files are now working
  • MIDI files didn't work
  • Some Protracker mods converted to .xm could crash the pattern view
  • Bookmarking files didn't work (only webstreams)
  • All windows wasn't minimized when "minimize to system tray" was used
  • Upgraded to libxmp 4.3.9 which addresses a lot of bugs, primarily for the following formats:
    • Oktalyzer
    • IT
    • MMD3
    • XM
    • MOD
    • MASI (PSM)
    • Packed formats
  • Upgraded to libsidplayfp 1.8.0

1.03 2014-Nov-28

New features:
  • Fixed a bug in the UADE plugin so now the following Amiga formats are playable:
    • CustomMade
    • JesperOlsen
    • MIDI-Loriciel
    • SoundImages
    • SteveTurner (Jason Page Old)
    • WallyBeben
  • Main window is now on top when clicked
Bug fixes:
  • Upgraded to latest lixbmp which fixes the following formats (and lots of other things):
    • UNIC Tracker
    • Noisepacker V1
    • EMOD
    • XM
    • IT
  • A bug in the UADE plugin caused problems with subsongs

1.02 2014-Nov-03

New features:
  • At least 94 more Amiga formats playable, using UADE
  • Subsongs in mods now supported (for example Digital Illusions (.di)
  • C64-sid files with multiple SID chips now supported
  • Cancel-button in settings window
Bug fixes:
  • TFMX is now played with UADE and thus played a lot better
  • .lha .lzx and .bz2 wasn't extracted if the archives were read-only
  • Effect 4 wasn't displayed correctly in MED pattern view
  • Upgraded to libsidplayfp 1.6.0

1.01 2014-Sep-30

New features:
  • GUI is now scalable from 25-500%. See Settings/Display.
  • Enable/disable channels in pattern view (click on channel)
  • Browse samples in pattern view (done for most amiga trackers)
  • New format added: AMOS Music Bank
  • Volume tag in ds/qsf/ssf is now used to amplify songs with low volume
  • iTunes tag "Compilation Flag (Part of a compilation)" now presented nicer
  • Status of time in player window, elapsed/remaining is now saved in settings
Bug fixes:
  • Major memory leak in libxmp and zxtune
  • Webstreams didn't work
  • Crashed when double clicking a file to play when the progam already was started
  • id3v2 tags are now trimmed when checked, so for example "TPA " is recognized as "TPA"
  • Find button had wrong tool tip
  • Lots of tracker views wasn't centered 100% when resized
  • Effect 15 wasn't displayed correctly in OctaMED v5 pattern view
  • Tiny graphics fix in Chiptracker pattern view
  • @-character had wrong font in Protracker pattern view
  • Upgraded to libxmp 4.3.0 which means support for AMOS Music Bank and tons of fixes to xm/it/med/s3m
  • VU Meter "Trails" has been removed due to complications with the new scalable GUI. May be back later.

1.00 2014-Jun-16

New features:
  • Plays Capcom Q-Sound Format (.qsf), Dreamcast Sound Format (.dsf) and Saturn Sound Format (.ssf)
  • Decompresses and plays LZX
  • Plays .mo3 (IT/XM/S3M/MTM/MOD with mp3 or ogg compression)
  • Option to set output directory for file output and automatic filename (never overwrites existing file)
  • Pattern View for Protracker 3.6+
  • Pattern View for OctaMED 4/5/Studio
  • Pattern View for MultiTracker
  • More info in Fasttracker II patternview
Bug fixes:
  • Lots of OctaMED fixes
  • Disabling/Enabling channels didn't work for libxmp formats (mods etc.)
  • Instruments over 32 wasn't displayed correctly in pattern view for MED
  • Wrong font in Chiptracker patternview
  • Pattern view didn't show for MED 3.x
  • Effect J and X wasn't displayed correctly in pattern view for Impulse Tracker
  • Some ASAP songs was identified as MP3
  • Seeking in some formats with subsongs skipped to next subsong instead of seeking
  • .cue file support was broken
  • .nez file support was broken

0.99 2014-Mar-08

New features:
  • Completely rewritten pattern view engine which means pixel perfection, no more delays when changing patterns and less cpu required. Lots of improvements to the pattern view for several fileformats.
Bug fixes:
  • Forgot to include font for Oktalyzer pattern view, and also forgot to announce this new feature
  • Upgraded to libxmp 4.2.5 which means bug fixes for Digitrakker (MDL), Fasttracker 2 (XM), Chiptracker (MOD), Asylum / DSMI (AMF), Oktalyzer (OKT)
  • Mods (libxmp) wasn't played to the end after seeking
  • Current position wasn't displayed correctly in the pattern view
  • AHX and Hivelytracker songs now plays to the very end which also means they sound a lot better when looping. Also shows length with ms accuracy instead of just seconds.
  • Some missing fonts and graphics in some pattern views
  • Spectrum SQ Tracker was incorrectly displayed as "SGT Tracker"

0.98 2014-Jan-17

New features:
  • Thanks to ZXTune about 30 new Spectrum format can be played. This also means that .ym is no longer played with ST-Sound and sounds a lot better and that libayemu is no longer used.
  • Upgraded to VGMStream revision 1018 which now handles an additional 29 audio stream formats
  • Plays His Master's Noise modules
  • Channels window to enabled/disable channels during play. Supported for libxmp, libsid, ASAP and Game Music Emu
  • Information box at top in the pattern view for a bunch of trackers
  • Stereo separation for libxmp
  • Pattern view for Digi Booster Pro 2
  • VU Meters for HivelyTracker, AHX and MED
  • Settings for libxmp: stereo separation, interpolation, frequency and channels
Bug fixes:
  • Lots of modules (at least .xm and .it) crashed when loading
  • MED, S3M, it, xm, mod, Digi Booster, OctaMed bug fixes due to upgrading to libxmp 4.2.2
  • modfiles (libxmp) now plays to the very end which also means they sound a lot better when looping. Also shows length with ms accuracy instead of just seconds.
  • Position of patternview window wasn't loaded correctly
  • '#' was missing in pattern view for Fastracker 1
  • VU meter for Protracker had a small visual bug
  • Interpolation setting for libmodplug wasn't saved correctly
  • Memory leaks

0.97 2013-Nov-03

New features:
  • Equalizer
  • VU Meters in pattern view for lots of formats (with same look as in the original software)
  • Find files in playlist (Find-button in playlist or Ctrl+F)
  • Pattern view for ImpulseTracker 2 (.it)
  • Pattern view for Composer 669
  • Pattern view for Ultra Tracker
  • Pattern view for TakeTracker
  • Window titles
Bug fixes:
  • Quite a few .it-songs failed to load
  • Some C-64 sids was silent because of missing rom files
  • Files with unicode names wouldn't load from command line/double click/sockets
  • Limit songs of unknown length also affected web streams
  • Arrow icon missing on combo boxes

0.96 2013-Aug-18

New features:
  • Pattern View for Fasttracker 2 (.xm)
  • Pattern View for Fasttracker 1 (.ft/.mod)
  • Pattern View for MED (.med/.mmd0)
  • You can now manually select output devices (ASIO, DirectSound, OpenAL, WASAPI, WinMM)
  • New engine for playing .sid files which should be more accurate
  • .cue files support
  • Option to minimize to system tray
  • Plays OptimFROG Lossless
Bug fixes:
  • A bug in libxmp caused most formats to crash the player in Windows XP
  • Chiptracker and AHX fontsizes where mixed up in the settings
  • Some tooltips was wrong
  • Some memory leaks

0.95 2013-Jul-02

New features:
  • Repeat button. Repeats the current sound to infinity
  • SIDId integration: Shows original playroutine for C-64 SID files in info window
  • Info window shows currently used player engine
Bug fixes:
  • No sound output in Windows XP
  • Output to wave didn't work because of a missing .dll

0.94 2013-Jun-16

New features:
  • Basic output to wave
  • Set output rate
  • Option to start the last playing sound automatically where you left off
  • Chiptracker pattern view
  • Audio File Library is now back which means that .iff/.au/nst etc. is once again supported
  • Plays SampleVision (.smp)
Bug fixes:
  • Richard Joseph subsongs didn't work
  • Sample number bug in Richard Joseph
  • Ben Daglish had wrong number of subsongs
  • Shows a question mark instead of "ERROR" for illegal effects in ScreamTracker 3 Pattern view
  • Forgot to disable subsongs for AHX/Hively (it's buggy)
  • MED (and possibly more formats) crashed because of a bug when getting the samples and instruments info (for now not all samples and instruments are not shown for all formats)
  • Impulsetracker is now played by libxmp and does the job better than libmodplug
  • Hively Tracker/AHX replayer upgraded to 1.8
  • libxmp upgraded to 1.5 which fixes bugs in OctaMED and Oktalyzer replayer
  • Now uses Prowizard integrated in libxmp which is more stable. Currently about 10 packed formats less is supported.

0.93 2013-May-21

New features:
  • Plays Ben Daglish
  • Plays Richard Joseph
  • Plays Infogrames (a.k.a Rob Hubbard 2)
  • Plays Jason Brooke
  • Plays TFMX
  • Plays AHX
  • Plays HivelyTracker (Subsongs not supported)
  • Plays S98 (NEC PC-9801 and PC-8801)
  • Plays Ken's Digital Music (.kdm)
  • Plays SBStudio PAC
  • Plays AAC, only in AAC-container for now
  • Plays Protracker 3.6
  • Plays Iigs SoundSmith
  • Plays Digi Booster
  • Plays Archimedes Tracker
  • Plays Digital Symphony
  • Plays Desktop Tracker
  • Plays Digital Tracker
  • Plays Funktracker
  • Plays Galaxy Music System
  • Plays General DigiMusic
  • Plays Graoumf Tracker
  • Plays Liquidtracker
  • Plays Aley's Module
  • Plays Magnetic Fields Packer
  • Plays Megatracker
  • Plays Novotrade Packer
  • Plays Octalyser
  • Plays Pollytracker
  • Plays Quadra Composer
  • Plays Real Tracker
  • Plays TCB Tracker
  • Plays Imago Orpheus
  • Plays ZX Spectrum Sound Tracker
  • Plays Fast Tracker
  • Plays FlexTrax (effects not supported)
  • Ice Tracker and Soundtracker 2.6 are now played internally without being converted by ProWizard
  • Mod formats are now played a lot more accurately than before
  • Decompresses and plays LHA (not level 2 yet)
  • Decompresses and plays Bzip2
  • Pattern view for AHX, HivelyTacker, Screamtracker 3, Digi Booster, Star Trekker, Game Music Creator, Sound/Pro/Noise Tracker, Ice Tracker
  • Vortex VTX-songs is now playable again and show more song information than before
  • .ym files can now be gzipped and have unicode filenames
  • NEZPlug M3U file format partly supported which means that subsongs in playlists works (loops and fading not supported)
  • Plays Sidmon1 songs ripped with SidmRipper (which overwrites the id in the song with its own. Very bad behavior that really shouldn't be supported...)
Bug fixes:
  • Uninitialized variable sometimes caused silent channels for Amiga formats (FLOD)
  • Uninitialized variable in SoundFX player could sometimes cause a crash
  • Delta Music 1 vibrato was wrong
  • Encoding wasn't properly recognized in playlists
  • ASAP (.sap, .rmt, .mpt etc.) songs had some issues at the start of the song
  • ST-Sound (.ym, and .mix) songs had some issues at the start of the song
  • sc86 lib (.sc68, and .sndh) songs had some issues at the start of the song
  • First subsong of an .sc68 file had always unknown length
  • No stutter in beginning and positioning in organya files
  • No longer crash when playlist is cleared and then changing subsongs
  • Informationwindow and playlistwindow no longer use fonts and colors fom Windows themes and is therefore now always readable
  • Pattern view wasn't always cleared when it should be
  • Several memory leaks

0.92 2012-Dec-28

New features:
  • sc68 and sndh-support are back and more stable than before
  • -nogui flag from commandline will start BZR Player with no graphical user interface
  • You can now control BZR Player with sockets by sending the following commands to port 9859:
    • -play
    • -pause
    • -next
    • -prev
    • -stop
    • -nextsubsound
    • -prevsubsound
    • -quit
    • -clear (clears playlist)
    • -volume[x] sets volume, where x is an integer 0-100
    • Any other text will be treated as a file and added to the playlist. BZR Player acts both as a sever and client so you can try this out by first unchecking "Allow multiple instances" in the settings. You then start BZR PLayer and then go to the command and type BZRPlayer.exe -play (or any other supported command)
Bug fixes:
  • In a rare case a .mod-file was treated as a ac1d packer file getting the program stuck in a loop trying to play it (Bug in ProWizard)

0.91 2012-Aug-21

New features:
  • Extracts .atr-files (Atari Disk Images) and plays the contents
  • Shows instrument names for Raster Music Tracker files
  • New vumeter: pulsating image (replace Resources/vumeter/image.png with your favorite image)
  • All id3v2 textfields now supported from id3v2.2.0 to id3v2.4.0
Bug fixes:
  • SoundFX instrument looping issue
  • HVSC #56 songlength database for sid-files
  • Upgraded to ASAP 3.1.2

0.90 2012-May-29

New features:
  • Fullscreen view for pattern view (right click pattern view to enable)
  • Add-button in playlist now has add files/folder/playlist/URL in one button
  • Remembers last opened directories for add files/folder/playlist
  • Toggle buttons for open sound/playlist/file information/pattern view
  • Option to hide the scrollbar in the tracker window
Bug fixes:
  • Loading a SoundFX file would sometimes crash
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Scrollbars had some odd behaviours
  • Upgraded to Qt

0.89 2012-Apr-30

New features:
  • Pattern View for SoundFX format
  • Settings for FLOD: Clockspeed, Amiga Model, LED Filter
Bug fixes:
  • SoundFX slide was wrong
  • SoundFX a variable was uninitialized
  • Threshold misspelled in settings

0.88 2012-Apr-02

New features:
  • Plays the following Amiga formats:
    • BP SoundMon 1/2/3
    • Fred Editor
    • Hippel
    • Hippel COSO
    • Rob Hubbard
    • David Whittaker
Bug fixes:
  • Lot of bugs in the previously added Amiga formats fixed

0.87 2012-Mar-10

New features:
  • Plays the following Amiga formats:
    • Delta Music
    • Delta Music 2
    • Digital Mugician 1/2
    • Sidmon 1
    • Sidmon 2
    • SoundFX 1.0/1.8/1.9/2.0
Bug fixes:
  • Forgot to turn off debug messages in Organya-plugin

0.86 2012-Feb-11

New features:
  • Organya (.org) support (Some stuttering in the beginning and when positioning/corrupt drums at some plays)
  • Option to play the default subsong instead of the first one. Only affects sid files at the moment.
  • Player snaps to screen borders
Bug fixes:
  • Plugin settings were not saved if the plugin/config directory didn't exist
  • Didn't show the comments for YM-songs in infowindow

0.85.1 2011-Sep-12

Bug fixes:
  • No file format plugins was loaded (Ooops!)
  • Upgraded to ASAP 3.0.1 which brings linear interpolation for resampling and displays titles for more formats

0.85 2011-Aug-13

New features:
  • Partly new GUI
  • Plays Klystrack songs
  • New vumeter: parallax scroller
  • Enter key will start playing selected item in playlist
  • ASAP files has new info field, NTSC/PAL
  • Shows number of channels for NSF, SPC, VGZ etc. files (Game Music Engine) in info window
  • Shows exact sound length in milliseconds in info window
Bug fixes:
  • No more stutter in the beginning of VGMStream sounds
  • Sid files skipped a bit in the beginning
  • Sounds played by Game Music Engine was cut off at the end
  • Sound length wasn't rounded correctly
  • Small bug in line vumeter
  • Pressing delete key to remove playlist item didn't always work
  • File formats FSB 3.0, FSB 3.1 and Metal Arms WVS was reported as unknown VGMStream
  • Migrated from MSVC 2008 to Mingw32
  • Upgraded from Qt 4.6.0 to 4.7.3
  • Upgraded to ASAP 3.0.0
  • Latest songlength database for sid-files
  • Soundformats supported by Audiofile library, ZSSK and SC68 can not be played in this version but are hopefully back in later versions.

0.84.1 2011-Apr-05

New features:
  • Some more info about Atari files
Bug fixes:
  • A lot of Amiga MOD's crashed at the end
  • Loading a SoundFX file crashed
  • Atari files supported by ASAP can now be played since I found some files to try out
  • Forgot to enable the new .sap player which supports seeking and songlengths (for most files)
  • Some layout changes in settings- and about window

0.84 2011-Mar-29

New features:
  • Configurable colors for VU meter, text and background
  • Configurable linewidth and antialias for VU meter
  • VU Meter are now rendered in the whole "LCD Area"
  • New VU Meter: 3D Starfield
  • New VU Meter: Text, with configurable message and font
  • "Trails" for VUMeter
  • Shows the real packed format instead of just "Protracker" for packed mods (converted by ProWizard)
  • Support for the following formats using ZX Spectrum Sound Kit Library (files must have correct file extension):
    • VTX Vortex song
    • PT2 PT2 module
    • PT3 PT3/VortexII module
  • New version of VGMStream which means supports for over 60 more stream formats
  • .sap files now supports positioning and a song length (may not always be correct)
  • Nicer looking and better structured settings window
Bug fixes:
  • Update to Prowizard so now more packed mods are playable
  • New code library for Future Composer files, which means that they now can now be played regardless of file extension and also loads a lot faster
  • VU Meter system rewritten which means it's easier to add more variants

0.83 2010-Aug-17

New features:
  • Comments has it's own tab and thus now also supports multiple lines
Bug fixes:
  • Some zip-files didn't extract properly
  • Didn't load GUI correctly if the program path contained ' or &
  • Doesn't do any GUI updates when minimized
  • Items in playlist didn't always get a tooltip with the path and filename
  • A previously unplayable file was still marked as unplayable in the playlist when it was playable
  • Bugs fixed in playing Promizer1.8c, Promizer 2.0 and SkytPacker due to an update of ProWizard

0.82 2010-Jul-24

New features:
  • Support for following Atari formats using Another Slight Atari Player:
    • CMC Chaos Music Composer
    • CM3 Chaos Music Composer "3/4"
    • CM3 Chaos Music Composer "Rzog"
    • CMS Stereo Double Chaos Music Composer
    • DMC DoublePlay Chaos Music Composer
    • DLT Delta Music Composer
    • MPT Music ProTracker
    • MPD Music ProTracker DoublePlay
    • RMT Raster Music Tracker
    • TMC,TM8 Theta Music Composer 1.x
    • TM2 Theta Music Composer 2.x
  • Support for over 200 different audio stream formats using VGMStream (WII, PS2, XBOX, GameCube etc.) See readme.txt for full list
  • New version of LibModPlug which means
    • Configuration of stereo separation
    • Configuration of max mix channels
  • New version of Adplug which means
    • Support for JBM - Johannes Bjerregård Module
    • Support for DRO: DOSBox Raw OPL
    • Increased compatibility for some formats
  • More information about samples and instruments for mod-like and Future Composer files
  • Unicode support in filenames and playlists for about half of the supported file formats
  • Shuffle
  • Settings for volume, pitch and balance are saved
  • Playlist now has a popup menu
Bug fixes:
  • Vumeter was updated even with empty vumeter chosen. Major performance loss on slow computers.
  • Screamtracker 3 files with FM-synth sound (.as3m) was silent
  • It was not possible to go pass an unplayable file in the playlist using the prev-button
  • When deleting items in the playlist the current item was sometimes not marked as current item
  • Last opened dir hadn't same default dir for "add dirs" and "add files"
  • Remembers last dir also when saving the playlist
  • Some rounding off issues in the settings
  • The slider text for vumeter settings showed wrong text when opening the settings window for minimum values
  • Oversampling setting for libmod wasn't saved correctly
  • Upgraded to QT 4.6

0.81 2009-Dec-17

New features:
  • Support for .sndh and .sc68
  • Scrolling title in the main window if the title is too long to fit
  • Configurable font, fontsize and rowheight for the playlist
  • Now has system menu when rightclicking the application in the task bar
  • Logging can be turned on and off in settings and is now off by default
Bug fixes:
  • Subsongs now get correct length instead of getting the same length as the first subsong. (Only sid-files worked fine before)
  • MIDI-songs now work again
  • Drag'n'drop a song while the current song was playing a subsong > 1 sometimes crashed
  • Drag'n'drop or opening a file while paused didn't start playing the newly added file immediately
  • Text for sliders in settings wasn't updated when opening the settings window if the value was the minimum
  • Upgraded to FMOD Ex 4.26
  • Upgraded to libmodplug 0.8.7

0.80 2009-Jun-06

New features:
  • 7-zip support

0.79 2009-Jun-01

New features:
  • Rar support (also ver. 3.0) which also means .rsn-support (rar:ed spc-songs)
  • Files inside a ziparchive have their original name when unpacked instead of with an ugly suffix added
Bug fixes:
  • Showing soundformat in mainwindow broke in last version

0.78 2009-Mar-01

New features:
  • Add bookmarks (Most valuable for webstreams). Edit settings.ini for deleting or editing bookmarks for now
  • ID3v2 support for most common tags, also updates for streaming tags (radio stations)
Bug fixes:
  • Checks if the "Last opened dir" really exists before trying to open it
  • Wouldn't advance to the next sound when drag'n'drop a folder and the first file was unplayable
  • Sound info window sometimes showed info for the previos played sound
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2008 and QT 4.4.3

0.77b 2008-Dec-05

New features:
  • Remembers last dir opened when adding dirs or files
Bug fixes:
  • Infowindow failed loading some GUI images and font for the title in main window wasn't loaded correctly
  • "Add dir" would add the dir even if cancel was clicked

0.77 2008-Dec-04

New features:
  • File information window - file information is provided for most playable formats
  • Lengths for SID files are supported using the database from The High Voltage SID Collection (database file included)
  • New VUMeter: Cube rotating to the beat - looks best with very high Multiplier and very low Sensitivity
  • Keyboard shortcuts (main window must be active):
    • left and right arrow = move back and forward 5 seconds
    • shift + left and right arrow = previous and next sound in playlist
    • alt + left and right arrow = previous and next subsong
    • up and down arrow = raise/lower volume
    • shift + up and down arrow = raise/lower pitch
  • Empty VUMeter
  • New font for sound title in main window
Bug fixes:
  • Plugin settings wasn't loaded when a file was opened by double clicking it in explorer
  • All MOD-files are played with libmod and thus the libmod settings now have impact on all mod files
  • All MOD-files are reported as what they are - Noisetracker 1.0/Noisetracker 2.0/Startrekker etc. - instead of just as "Protracker" (except if ripped with Prowizard)
  • MOD-files lo longer crash at the end
  • Length is calculated for all MOD-files
  • LCD-font had wrong size
  • Some issues resolved when loading unplayable files

0.76 2008-Nov-15

New features:
  • Automatically advances to the next subsong when a subsong has ended (instead of the next sound in the playlist)
  • More VUMeters - change by clicking on the VUMeter area, selected one is saved in the settings
  • Shows current playing sound in taskbar
  • New fancy big 32-bit application icon
  • New font for timer
Bug fixes:
  • Changed the loading order for plugins which hopefully leads to less crashes when loading files

0.75 2008-sep-27

New features:
  • Changed name to BZR Player due to Multiplayer was impossible to find in search engines
  • Lots of settings for most of the sound players (require stop/play current sound for effect)
  • Option to only allow one program instance. Another option to add-to-playlist or play a double clicked file in explorer if only one instance is allowed.
  • Support for titles in M3U playlists
  • Support for titles in PLS playlists
  • Mouseover images for all buttons
Bug fixes:
  • Dragging the progress slider to the beginning didn't work
  • Two small memory leaks

0.74 2008-aug-31

New features:
  • Support for YM - Atari ST
  • Support for MIX - Atari Digi-Mix
  • Unplayable sounds is marked with a line through
Bug fixes:
  • Libmod would only play mods, and not med, okt, digitracker etc.
  • Small memory leak in popup menu
  • Opening the popup menu and clicking on the top bar would move the window
  • Rightclicking on sliders doesn't do anything
  • Some GUI changes

0.73 2008-aug-03

New features:
  • HTTP streaming - either by opening a playlist or by using the "Open URL" popup menu item. Also remembers the last opened URL.
  • .pls Playlist support
Bug fixes:
  • Crashed if trying to play a file which didn't existed (in a playlist for example)
  • Crashed if input file was very small (<64 bytes)
  • Current subsong wasn't initialized in some cases
  • Gzipped modules always reported unknown song length
  • Packed modules always reported unknown song length
  • Fixed issues with deleting items in playlist
  • Clearing the playlist will not stop the current sound
Known issues:
  • Pausing a HTTP stream for too long will lose the connection

0.72 2008-Jul-27

New features:
  • Save playlist
  • Delete items in playlist
  • On startup, load last playlist and last played sound (optionally)

0.71 2008-Jul-24

New features:
  • Sliders for pitch and balance snap to their default value when using the mouse
  • Zip support. Plays all files inside a zip archive.
Bug fixes:
  • Opened files are no longer always locked and can be renamed/deleted/edited if they are not currently playing
  • The GUI is now loaded properly when double clicking a file
  • Libmod plugin is now more stable and is enabled again
  • The position slider can now be dragged to the beginning of the sound
  • Some improvements for the window snapping
  • "Limit songs of unknown length to" didn't work

0.7 2008-Jun-13

New features:
  • Using Adplug there is now support for: (some stuttering at start and seeking)
    • A2M AdLib Tracker 2
    • BAM Bob's AdLib Music
    • AMD AMUSIC Adlib Tracker
    • CFF BoomTracker 4.0
    • DFM Digital-FM
    • DMO Twin TrackPlayer
    • DTM DeFy AdLib Tracker
    • HSC HSC Adlib Composer
    • IMF Apogee IMF File
    • KSM Ken Silverman's Music
    • LDS LOUDNESS Sound System
    • M Origin AdLib Music Format
    • MAD Mlat Adlib Tracker
    • MKJ MKJamz
    • MTK MPU-401 Trakker
    • RAD Reality ADlib Tracker
    • RAW RdosPlay RAW file
    • AS3M Screamtracker 3
    • SA2 Surprise! Adlib Tracker 2
    • SAT Surprise! AdLib Tracker
    • SNG SNGPlay
    • SCI Sierra's AdLib Audio File Format
    • LAA LucasArts AdLib Audio File Format
    • SNG Faust Music Creator
    • XSM eXtra Simple Music
    • XMS XMS-Tracker
    • SNG Adlib Tracker 1.0
    • XAD eXotic ADlib Format
  • Displays sound format (packed modules are currently shown as protracker/fasttracker)
  • Displays sound frequency
Bug fixes:
  • Doubleclicking a sound in the playlist didn't start playing if player was paused
  • Pausebutton can't be toggled if no sound is playing

0.6 2008-Jun-08

New features:
  • Using Adplug there is now support for: (some stuttering at start and seeking)
    • AIFC - Compressed AIFF's (doesn't work for all files I tried)
    • SND/AU - NeXT .snd/Sun .au
    • WAVE - Microsoft RIFF WAVE Format (can't find any file to try with)
    • BICSF - Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound Format (can't find any file to try with)
    • AVR - Audio Visual Research File Format (can't find any file to try with)
    • IFF/8SVX - Amiga IFF/8SVX
    • NIST - NIST SPHERE File Format (can't find any file to try with)
  • Window snapping
  • If playlist is snapped to main window, moving the main window will move both windows (some small issues)
Bug fixes:
  • Mod's pitch was incorrect for some people
  • Subsong wasn't reset back to 1 when doubleclicked a sound in playlist or dragged to playerwindow

0.5 2008-May-23

New features:
  • Playlistwindow has brand new GUI
  • Shows the current time when dragging the progress slider
  • Shows the complete sound path when mouse cursor is positioned over item in playlist
  • Scrolls to current playing sound in playlist so that it's visible
Bug fixes:
  • Position slider can only be moved when sound is playing

0.45 2008-May-11

New features:
  • Rewrote the GUI almost completely which meant a lot less code and easier to change it in the future. Now everything in the main window is customized.
  • Folders can be drag and dropped or added by command line with all files in them added
  • Balance slider
  • Highlight on LCD display
  • Minimize and quit buttons
  • About window
  • Tooltips
Bug fixes:
  • Current pitch wasn't remembered when changing sound
  • Played wrong sounds when "preload next song" was enabled in some cases
  • Sounds showed complete path in playlist instead of just filename when added from command line
  • Leading zero for minutes in timer
  • Right aligned timer
  • Changed font for timer since the last one wasn't mono spaced

0.4 2008-May-03

New features:
  • New non-Windows-looking-GUI! (needs more work)
  • Gapless playback
    • "Enabled" will remove silence from beginning and end
    • "Accurate" will do it more precise, but takes longer to load (MP3) sound
    • "Preload next sound" will do just that (after 5 secs)
    • "Cutoff" is the "silence threshold". Higher value will remove more
    • For best results (when listening to a mixed CD for example) all three should be enabled
  • M3U-playlist support
  • New font for the timer
  • Pausebutton is "down" when paused
Bug fixes:
  • Shows ?:?? as remaining time for sounds of unknown length instead of 7158
  • Now using the speaker configuration set in sound settings in windows control panel, instead of always stereo
  • No longer crashes when choosing subsongs when no sound is loaded
  • Toggling elapsed/remaining time now only works with left mousebutton
  • Fixed bug in Game music Emu plugin, played second subsong when it should play first

0.3 2008-apr-18

New features:
  • Integrated Prowizard - check readme.txt for formats supported
  • Subsong support
  • Sounds can be added from commandline (filenames separated by space)
  • Seeking is now working in more formats (nsf for example)
  • VU-meter, timer and slider are reset when pressing stop or last song in playlist has ended
  • Playlist window's visibility saved in settings
  • Made some buttons that looks a bit nicer
Bug fixes:
  • gzipped files could be max 5 mb when uncompressed, now could be of any size
  • Disabled libmod due too it beeing to unstable - will see if I can find another better mod library

0.2 2008-apr-14

New features:
  • Drag and drop files
  • Reverb
  • Normalizer
  • Set default sound length for sounds with unknown length
  • Remembers windows size and position
  • Current sound is green in playlist
  • Settings dialog (and all settings are saved)
  • Click on time switches between elapsed and remaining time
  • Changed font of the time since it wasn't a standard font for Windows
Bug fixes:
  • vgz-files didn't work

0.1 2008-apr-12

First release