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Pattern view for ScreamTracker 2

Over 640 playable file formats

Can play lots of different file formats such as MP3, OGG, Amiga MOD, Atari YM, Nintendo NSF. See the full list here.


Unpacks and plays all sounds on the fly for the following archive formats: rar, zip, 7-zip, lha, lzx, atr, gzip, bzip2

Pattern view

View the notes currently playing for the following formats: AHX, Chiptracker, Composer 669, Digi Booster, Digi Booster Pro 2, Fasttracker 1, Fasttracker 2, Game Music Creator, HivelyTracker, Ice Tracker, ImpulseTracker, MultiTracker, OctaMED 4/5/Studio, MED, Protracker 3.6+, Screamtracker 2, Screamtracker 3, Star Trekker, Sound/Pro/Noise Tracker, SoundFX, Ultra Tracker


Real time normalizer that makes all sounds play with the same volume. Parameters can be changed by the user


Gives a nice reverb effect and is suitable mostly for old C64/Amiga sounds for example since they can sound a bit "flat" otherwise. Parameters can be changed by the user


Pitch can be altered for all sounds, even HTTP streams


Can play files with foreign letters in the filename (Chinese, arabic etc.). Only supported for about half of the fileformats

Drag & drop

Drag & drop files or directories


A bunch of nifty audio visualizers

Output to file

You can output the playing sound to a .wav-file

Multiple instances

Multiple instances of BZR Player can be launched


Add bookmarks for audio streams or files

File information

Detailed file information for all formats. Can show MP3 tags (id3v1 and id3v2) and instruments, samples, patterns etc.


All sound libraries has a lot of individual settings. All settings that can be made are saved to disk


If a file format may contain multiple songs, BZR Player can play those.

Automatic start

Option to continue to play the file exactly where you left off. Nice feature for podcasts etc.

Limit sound length

Some sounds have an unknown length, and the user can specify a maximum sound length for such sounds, so that they don't play forever.


Supports loading of M3U, PLS, .cue and NEZPlug M3U (supports subsongs) and saving in M3U format.

Command line

Sounds can be added from commandline, just add the paths, like this: bzrplayer mysong2.mod song2.sid. Use quotation marks if the files contain spaces.

Socket control

You can control BZR Player with sockets by sending commands to port 9859, good for integrating the player in other software

Recursive folders

Drag and drop or add a folder using the button in the playlist window and all the files and folders in it will also be added

HTTP Streaming

Plays streams (radio stations)

Correct file extension not necessary

Plays files without caring of the name of the file. For example: a mod-file can be called, song.mod or even song.mp3 and will still play perfectly fine

Window snapping

Main window and playlist snap together


Shows original playroutine for C-64 SID files