Soundtracker 2.6

Soundtracker 2.6 was written by MnemoTroN/Spreadpoint 1990. IceTracker was written by Icepic 1993. They use the same file format, it is closely related to the standard Protracker module format and has each 64-row track stored independently. Basically now a pattern instead of being made up of 4 joined tracks (ie: Channels 1,2,3 and 4 were previously classed as one pattern) are now individual sub-patterns in themselves, that is that now it is possible to independantly call up a single sub-pattern to repeat on a certain track without constantly copying it into every 4-track pattern as was previously required.

Common file extensions: MOD, ST26

Played in BZR Player using: libxmp

Screenshot of Soundtracker 2.6